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Climbing & Rappelling


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at 15 minutes from San Miguel de Allende

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7 Zip lines - 210 mts e/u
Suspended Bridge - 180 mts
Cañón del Águila Cola Roja
Depth 190 mts
Certified Personnel
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Adventure Tours

What to Do in San Miguel will no longer be your question. With the expertise of DeTravesía you will discover that magic side of San Miguel de Allende in a different and fun way; we have prepared for you a variety of outdoor tours in San Miguel de Allende that will combine the learning of the culture of San Miguel, our history and places, with a feeling of the adventure; just take a look: If what you want is to enjoy San Miguel at your will, then to rent an atv or our atv rentals service with DeTravesía would be an option for you; On the other hand, if what you prefer is an already planned cultural & adventure tour in San Miguel de Allende, DeTravesía has it too; during your tour, our experienced guides will share their fascinating knowledge about San Miguel while you ride on one of our automatic four-wheelers or all-terrain vehicles, or on our van tour truck too, designed for more relaxed visitors . Our biking tours are designed for plain enjoyment of the nature, our bicycling tours go from slow speed to an intense physical activity with our mountain bikes, just ask we have it; our hiking excursions will put you in direct contact with the nature of the region; and our climbing and rappelling excursions are ideal for those in search of physical movement.

tour en cuatrimotos vuelo en tirolesas tour de aventura naturaleza en san miguel de allende vuelo en globo caminata o senderismo
cabalgando en caballo aguas termales escalado y rappelling campamento en san miguel de allende

Our horseback riding tours exploring a reserved ecological area of San Miguel de Allende is a relaxing option for you; When talking about extreme adventures in San Miguel de Allende, come with DeTravesía to defy our Zip Lines and Suspended Bridge at the Cañon del Aguila Cola Roja which is a unique outdoor attraction in the city and in the whole state of Guanajuato; and what to say about an air balloon flight over the city of San Miguel de Allende or on an ultralight flight on a light or Delta airplane?, these tours are simply unparalleled flying over the old plazas, old churches, and old buildings, parks and lakes of San Miguel. After all this exciting adventures in San Miguel de Allende, we think that more relaxing ones are needed again, come with DeTravesía to our camping excursions where we have everything prepared for you to enjoy a great night time around a campfire in the middle of the nature; visit us to enjoy a sauna session inside of a pre-hispanic Temazcalli (used by the Otomi tribe as a way to heal and free the body from the bad spirts), or to submerge your body in a delicious natural hot springs that will help you relax your physique and mind. DeTravesía has the cultural & adventure tour in San Miguel de Allende because we are pro-tour service oriented.

Cultural Tours

San Miguel de Allende with more than 450 years in history has a lot of magic places to be discovered by our visitors. Among them you will find archeological and historical sites very important for our local and national’s history so that we at DeTravesia have designed Cultural Tours like a walking tour in the center of the city has not match for personal contact with the magic streets, buildings and local people or Sanmiguelenses; on the other hand to know more of the outside of San Miguel, we have a Tour to San Miguel Viejo, a place where Fray Juan de San Miguel settled the first religious Capilla in the area. To the north – east of San Miguel de Allende you will find the little town Atotonilco , which has a catholic sanctuary also known as La Capilla Sixtina Mexicana where the Cura Miguel Hidalgo (the father of the Mexican Independence) got the Estandarte or Flag symbol of the Virgen de Guadalupe to start the Mexican Independence War in the year of 1810. A fantastic experience for you would be the "Rout of Capillas de Indios or Capillas Virreinales, or a visit to the old catholic churches spread in the surroundings of San Miguel de Allende, the visit of Cerro de las Tres Cruces (an old ceremonial place used by the native tribe the Chichimecas from where you can admire another view of San Miguel de Allende as well as the most beautiful sunsets; we then can continue with a visit to the pyramids found at the famous Cañada de la Virgen located at 25 minutes south of San Miguel de Allende; all these cultural tours are awesome!!!

capillas sixtinas piramides en san miguel de allende San Miguel Viejo Cerro de las Tres Cruces Tour a Guanajuato Teatro Juarez en Guanajauto
Acueducto en Queretaro Dolores Hidaglo Leon Gto Centro de Queretaro

Also for our visitors coming from distant places, we also have tours to other well known “Pueblos Magicos” or magic towns nearby San Miguel de Allende; we at DeTravesia have designed a tour to Guanajuato City where you will find the marks of the colonial times in its streets, underground routs and “too” narrow alleys, like the famous “callejon del Beso” or the kiss alley; or on the dresses’ stamps wear by the Momias de Guanajuato (the mommies of Guanajuato), or on its Alhondiga de Granaditas (the Spaniards’ war fort used against the Insurgents). Other guided tours offered by DeTravesía, is the tour to Dolores Hidalgo where you can find Talavera Tile and Ceramic , and the museum of the recognized Mexican composer and singer of folkloric music Mr. Jose Alfredo Jimenez. This tour ends testing the yummy handmade ice-creams that have a big variety of flavors like Tequila, Chicharron and many more!!! . We can continue with a tour to Leon city, which is a place that besides its history, it also offers a great opportunity to shop leather goods. Continuing with our tours to cities of interest around San Miguel de Allende, in our tour to Queretaro , we will show you its historical places with in the city and intermediate points; the state of Queretaro has a very important place in the History of the Modern Mexico. Give a phone call. We have the cultural tour for you.What happens in San Miguel de Allende will not stay in San Miguel de Allende at this time, we are confident that you will return home and tell your friends and relatives what you did with DeTravesía in this magic town of San Miguel de Allende.

Tourist Promotions

Descuento en Paquetes Turisticos

If you like to get the top fun, come and enjoy a double adventure with our Tour Promotions that combine the best outdoor attractions in San Miguel de Allende at better prices; our zip lines plus a four-wheeler tour is a sensational duo, or an all-terrain atv tour with a horseback riding in a protected green area, both adventures are worthless, or what about a balloon flight with an atv tour? Just keep in mind that every adventure package gets more adventure at a better price.


Transporte Shuttle

DeTravesia is now offering a shuttle service in San Miguel de Allende, to take you or pick you up at any international airport in the center of Mexico. We offer shuttle transportation to the Mexico City’s Airport, to the Queretaro’s International Airport, to the airport in Silao Guanajuato, and to the airport in Guadalajara City. If you need an emergency shuttle service, please give us a call to arrange your shuttle ride in San Miguel de Allende.


Clases de Baile y Arte

Go back home with something else to tell about to your family and friends; enjoy a lesson of Salsa dance, Tango or Bachata with recognized instructors in San Miguel de Allende. If you think you go with learning the authentic Mexican Cooking, then we have the right classes for you. And for those who want to enjoy a hands on art lessons, we have jewelry, ceramic, and paint classes for you. If what you need is to learn Spanish, then check our section Spanish Lessons. DeTravesia is determined to offer you only instructors and teachers with excellent reputation in the field.

Recomended Places

Lugares Recomendados en San Miguel

The team of DeTravesia, has made a selection of recommended places and services that will support your visit to our San Miguel de Allende; based on the quality of their service, we have selected restaurants with exquisite local and international cuisine; you can also find the most popular night clubs with live music to dance and to listen; with reasonable rates, we have a few charming and beautiful hotels; and why not, if what you are looking for is to buy a house here, just visit our sections houses for sale in San Miguel de Allende.

the Hart of Mexico can be  TOUCHED   in San Miguel de Allende

Alan X el Mundo

Alan x el Mundo is a TV program that shows 3 intrepid young travelers lead by Alan; they travel from place to place showing its best Adventures and locations. This time they are in San Miguel de Allende.


Cañon del Aguila Cola Roja

This video-clip will show you the nature that lives in the Cañon Aguila Cola Roja, right below where the zip lines are in San Miguel de Allende. Live the adventure with DeTravesia. Credits: Conexion Destino, Mexico Travel Channel.


San Miguel from Above

Here we show you San Miguel as never seen before "from above". This HD clip courtesy of you will enjoy some streets from the historical center and its main church well known as La Parroquia.


The world's best

In 2013 the channel CNN selected San Miguel de Allende from 10 cities of the world, as the Best City of the World based on the magic offered by a small town in the hart of Mexico. San Miguel is worldwide known ...

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Ciudades Patrimonio

San Miguel de Allende cannot be out of the list Ciudades Patrimonio from the site Our city is considered as a Jewel that Mexico has for you, charm, culture & adventure

A Gem

Televisa es Mas

We present here a section by Televisa Media about the Zip Lines and Suspended Bridge outdoors atraction, the adventure #1 in San Miguel de Allende. Contact DeTravesia to live and feel the challenge.


5 resons to visit

An state online newspaper presents 5 reasons to visit San Miguel de Allende. The charm of the city is found in its cobblestone streets, green patios, fine architectonic details and fancy interiors, and we would add its great people.


Heritage Cities

San Miguel de Allende cannot be out of the list Ciudades Patrimonio from the site Our city is considered as a Jewel that Mexico has for you, charm, culture & adventure

Una Joya

more articles soon

More articles, comments, reports and videos of high interest about this magic town San Miguel de Allende will be posted soon. In the meantime enjoy our site a pro-tour service team, of course in San Miguel de Allende.


Some Reviews

“Defy the Challenge at Detravesía”


Aunque SMA podría no ser conocida por el turismo de aventura, nos encontramos en una diversión y aventura de lo contrario, digamos, para dominar ciudad. Reservamos tirolesa con Pedro y Gregorio, muy divertido! (mas en tripadvisor)


You Enjoy it

Una experiencia FUERA DE SERIE y más si se disfruta en familia!!! Felicidades por este gran producto, este gran esfuerzo y su enorme capacidad!!! Gracias a todo el equipo!!! 

Pepe Baez


Es un lugar magnifico en donde puedes tener una gandes experiencias y disfrutar la adrenalina, me quede con ganas de regresar y asi lo haré, felicidades a sergio y todos los chavos que trabajan en este lugar, muchas felicidades. 

Luis Ramos Peralta

I'll be back

El personal muy atento y profesional, excelente seguridad y equipo. La experiencia fue genial, claro que volveré :D

Maria Guadalupe Delgado


Excelente! Toda una experiencia, para conocer más acerca del clima y la vegetación local, la vista preciosa hacia la presa Allende, para aquellos que buscan conocer algo más allá del centro histórico de san Miguel de Allende, adrenalina y emoción en las tirolesas.

Gabriel Ramirez R

The View

Pues tendria que ir con mi corazon mi todo mi hijo para disfrutar el paisaje ya que a el le gusta mucho viajar y disfrutar lo natural

Memo Cortez

my Town

Magnífico asta que asen algo bueno en mi pueblo querido yeesss!!!!

Eduardo Daniel Rojas

We ejoyed it

Lo disfrutamos como nunca, SUPER . Ahora si hay algo diferente en San Miguel, nos vemos el proximo año y con más amigos que coy a llevar.

Luis Garza

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